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My daughter just tweeted this: “FLOTUS is my favorite OTUS.” After watching Michelle Obama light up the screen at the Democratic National Convention, I couldn’t agree more.  Maybe I’ll change my mind Thursday night, when POTUS takes the stage. But for now, I’m grateful for FLOTUS—aka the First Lady of the United States—who sure washed away my GOP-red-stained blues. What a difference a week makes.

This is a non-broadcast Restless Nest: typically I write on deadline for KBCS radio, but the conventions have given me a two-week break. I’m going to do some housekeeping—watch for some new pages on the blog  and a new URL. (don’t worry: you’ll be redirected).

Meanwhile, I offer you a very few of my own favorite blogs:

A Little Elbow Room: I love this week’s piece, “Pass me my blog.” Love the idea that we bloggers are creating a new literary tradition.

A Geography of Reading: if you want to go beyond the bestseller lists and discover the most provocative, beautifully written books in the world, Isla McKetta will take you there. You’ll get lost, happily, on this site.

Matrifocal Point: after watching Lilly Ledbetter’s speech last night, I love Liza’s blog even more. There is still so much work to do towards equality for women and she is a font of inspiration.

Peace Corps Gray: Ready for a challenge? How about joining the Peace Corps at 60? Marsha’s in Senegal for two years. Drop in on her now and then, via her warm, funny, honest, wise blog.

Shoes on the Wrong Feet is the sweetest, most lovingly crafted blog about motherhood. And daughterhood and just general being alive-hood.

Finally, the Restless Critic. Yes, I am married to this blogger, who over the years has developed a devoted following of people who want a fresh viewpoint on the latest films—or on the classic films they may have missed. Once you get to know Rustin Thompson, you’ll never watch movies the same way again. Trust me!




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2 thoughts on “FLOTUS

  1. Rustin Thompson on said:

    thank you for the nice plug!

    Rustin Thompson 206-723-8228 Director, photographer, editor White Noise Productions Film Critic at KBCS 91.3FM and The Restless Critic

  2. Oh my goodness, your kind words are so very nice to read. Thank you, I love the way you describe my blog. I am truly touched to be listed as one of your favorite blogs. I have lost a week or two of blog reading due to my memory lane trip to SD that I don’t expect to fully make up, so I just now saw this. You just made my whole week (and then some)!

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